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Mount Shasta History

Mount Shasta is home to countless legend and folklore, it is home to several Native American Tribes such as the Wintu, Shasta, Modoc, Ajumawi/Atsuwegi and within view of the Karuk Tribe. It is believed that these tribes have inhabited the sacred since 2500 BC, and according to their local myths Mt. Shasta was the center of creation, The Shasta people believed that the Great Spirit first created the mountain, by pushing down ice and snow through a hole from heaven, then using the mountain to step onto the earth. He created trees and called upon the sun to melt snow to provide rivers and streams. He breathed on the leaves of the trees and created birds to nest in their branches. He broke up small twigs and cast them into streams, where they became fish; branches cast into the forest became animals.

Each year, descendents of  the Wintu tribe still carry out ancient rituals dances to invoke the mountain’s spirit to ensure the continued flow of the sacred springs. Since stories can be remembered, the Native Americans have perceived this mountain to hold the power of God.

Mt. Shasta is also home to over 100 New Age groups that considers Mount Shasta to be  the Root Chakra of The Earth. Mt. Shasta is also believed to be the home of Telos, the Lemurian city, which exists inside the Mountain . The legend says that when the ancient civilization of Lemuria was sinking, some of the Lemurians transported themselves as Light Beings to Mount Shasta and took up residence under the mountain, in the City of Telos. This may be a real city or it could be a city that exists in another dimension. However, even newspaper articles from days gone by, tell of various occasions when eight foot tall, blonde haired beings would individually walk into Mount Shasta City and buy supplies with coins of pure gold.

Ancient Native American legends speak of a fallen race of prehistoric giants who once inhabited the Pacific Coast of North America. According to the legend, their civilization was destroyed in a Great Flood.  In the early twentieth century, a treasure-hunter prospecting in the Mount Shasta region claimed to have found evidence suggesting that the offspring of the Annunaki–also known as the Watchers and Nephilim–may have reached the shores of North America in a remote, prehistoric era. But before he could reveal the location of their “lost civilization”, he mysteriously vanished.

Squaw Meadows

Panther Meadows

Heart Lake

Cloud Ships





Immerses you in an unforgettable earth root chakra experience- one of the seven gateways to our central sun. You will receive critical earth grid activations and geographical attunements that bring you close to sacred. At Shasta, you experience immense ancient intelligence and greater stories of humanity and the star-people origins.  In majestic sacred landscapes and backdrops you are guided to heal and vision in indigenous ceremonies. You will be gifted miracle water technologies that recalibrate your original sacred blueprint with healing ceremonies that assist your evolution and decalcify pineal. Hiking and swimming all feature in this outstanding experience where you continue to unplug and detox from the False Matrix.Finally each night you experience camp fires, star-gazing and sky-watches in our quest to contact inner earth and the star people.


Date: September 21st to 26th, 2019


Day 1 


Headwaters, Castle Lake and Heart Lake



The water at Mount Shasta is considered to be the purest and the energised in the world, it is so pure that drinking it can have profound healing effect on people. At the Mount Shasta headwaters you will find people collecting water and performing water rituals and ceremonies. Here we will perform a sacred water ritual and ask the ancestors and land for permission and blessing to begin our journey and initiation into the mysteries of Mount Shasta. We then proceed to Castle Lake & Heart Lake where you will discover one of the most dramatic views of Mount Shasta  Experience sunset ceremony, and the alpenglow of the mountain as the Sun sets in the west. Heart Lake is an incredible wonder, shaped by mountains with rocky cliffs.


History of Mount Shasta




Water Ritual






Technology detox


Day 2


Medicine Lake, Obsidian’s Lava Bed and Plutos Cave


Medicine Lake is a sacred Native American site it is traditional for seekers and people on a vision quest to cleanse at the lake and receive the blessings before going to Mount Shasta to then receive their vision. Pluto’s Cave has over a thousand lava tubes, and many are still undiscovered. Pluto’s Cave was another sacred site for Native American Tribes for hundreds of years. The magnificent Obsidian Lava Beds will be the final stop for a breathtaking view of mother natures artistry.




Nature Hike To Vortex Sites


Star People Contact


Technology Detox



Day 3


Panther Meadows & Squaw Meadows


Panther Meadows and Squaw Meadows are the most beautiful locations on Mount Shasta, with the purest spring water you will ever find,, and the most pristine energy in which to meditate. Native American legends tell of many tales of tribal elders receiving profound visions while meditating at this location.  Many visitors have reported contact with extraterrestrial beings and thousands often see ships passing through the night skies.  Mount Shasta is also famous for amazing lenticular clouds that appear around the mountain. Some people believe that the cloud formations are huge mother ships that are hovering over the mountain. It is believed that the pure energy of the mountain attracts evolved life forms from throughout the Universe.


Lemurian Gateway Contact




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Day 4




Mount Shasta has many vortexes in the surrounding areas. The energy vortexes gives individuals unique opportunity to be in powerful meditations, and deep inner work for profound, transformational and inter-dimensional experiences.  t is also an opportunity to create a euphoric connection to the Divine. Often seekers will receive clarifying messages, healings, guidance, and a wonderful sense of renewal in the powerful vortex portals.


Sunset Native American Ceremonies


Star people contact


Nature hike to vortex Sites


Technology detox




3 Day Ticket To Avatars Of The Earth Gathering


Mount Shasta Inner Earth Gateway Tour includes:

Sleeping Accommodations, Ground Transportation

Tour Sites, Training1 Breakfast Per Day

3 Day Ticket to Avatars Of The Earth Gathering

TOTAL COST UK 3,500.00