Tour Info 1

1. Important Egypt Tour Information

Please be aware that this Tour is coordinated by Tracey Ash and is not coordinated by SJ, Voice, Natural Spirit. Please do NOT make any enquiries to these companies. Please respect this request as these companies do not have the information to answer your questions nor can legally do so. All enquiries can be made in ENGLISH or JAPANESE by email etc directly to

2. You are advised to check the tour schedules and organise your flight times to arrive before the TOUR starts. Flights between Luxor and Cairo should be booked for midday. Please confirm your booking with payment and send your flight number, information for arrival and departure. We will collect you at the times you specify. Our staff will greet you with a SIGN with TRACEY ASH. You will be meet at the departure gates- you will need to make your way to the main exit doors. 30 seconds walk at both airports.



3. Contact number at all times in EGYPT/WORLDWIDE is +44 07944761140

4. You are also advised to check all information on for all essential information on travelling in Egypt, what to expect and daily schedule.

5. Any activities outside of the schedule will incur additional costs as do transport and tour guides. Please arrange this during your stay during the first TOUR COORDINATION MEETING. Excursions will be announced and you will be able to make bookings on day 1/2 of the tours. Your point of contact is Alaa Temsaah.

6. We also will advise on the best shopping in Egypt and we strongly recommend that you do not go shopping alone. This will be arranged on several dates especially for the group where my staff can help you. Please be aware if you shop alone that your personal safety is our priority. It is advised to be accompanied by our staff as prices are not fixed as in Japan. Your point of contact is Alaa Temsaah. Do not shop in hotels as the goods are not the best quality.

7. We expect you to enjoy these amazing  tours by also spending time with sleep, good eating, meditation and reflection to process the work that is scheduled daily. You will need to be mature and responsible- this is also part of dedicated spiritual practice that should be integrated in your life. You will be expected to fully integrate and cooperate with tour members. This is also part of this thoroughly enjoyable experience.


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