Candice Pert PHD with Nancy Marriot in The Science of Emotions and Consciousness, 2007, states,

“The mind is not a product of any organ- consciousness and unconscious mind infused every aspect of physical body.”

According to Pert, emotions are material and immaterial, are physical and can be weighed. Emotions can be weighed. Emotions vibrate with an electrical charge, physical and psychological, coordinating the entire body mind. Can intentional transformational and meditation processes result in not only unlocking consciousness but unlocking and accelerating conventional consciousness structures and time frameworks? Can advanced alchemical processes permit new awareness, in turn unlock new possibilities and cohesion with new realities or new dimensions? Often, advanced meditation techniques transform ground breaking inner vision. But what happens when new upgraded super-consciousness and new super-energy levels are unlocked. Does this create groundbreaking cohesion that affects how we experience new realities beyond usual structures? Perhaps a massive electrical charge of emotions can be photographed and filmed as orbs phenomena during advanced meditation and transformation. This is certainly one possibility.

Interesting, Dr Erik Richard Kandel (b.1929) was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2000 when he proved that memory resides at the level of the receptor. Memory storage in your spinal chord as well as throughout your body-mind. Memories are conscious and unconscious- mediated by the molecules of emotion (high-energy/low-energy charge). Meditation and transformation can affect buried unconscious memories unlocking high charge positive emotions. Memories buried far below awareness will affect perception, decisions, behaviour and health in low-energy charge emotions. Healers call this emotional trauma.

It is this core emotional trauma that limits and slows vitality, awareness, perception, decisions, behaviour and relationships, intelligence, happiness and health. Emotional trauma must be successfully transformed before any Psi potential excellence may take place within individual and group research approaches. (This is an important note for Psi research). Research has found that through regular, intensive, advanced alchemical meditation and transformation that targets core emotional trauma and intentionally focuses upon high-energy charge positive emotions or super-consciousness concepts or inter-dimensional sources whilst remaining conscious and body awake; this increases self and world positive perceptions, cohesion, deeper inner peace, accelerating transformation processes, independence, responsibility, intelligent relationship dynamics, emotional intelligence, positive contribution, positive vision, health and well-being benefits. We may regard this as an alchemy processes that creates authentic, accelerated transformational pathways that not only transform but accelerate awareness and Psi abilities in high-energy.

This is the path of the initiate, mystic, shaman or visionary. Processes of awareness and transformation can reveal new perceived realities. The veil or illusion is unlocked, usually through initiation into deeper and advanced meditation processes. High-energy emotions unlocks inner and outer awareness, inner and outer reality, affecting time structures, awakening Psi abilities; remote viewing, visioning, miracle healing. High-energy emotions include progressive states of inner peace, well-being, empowerment, happiness, mastery, compassion, self-love and connection with a bigger picture of divine intelligence.

The PAG (Peri-aqueductal gray)- a structure in the brain sets pain threshold. Neurons in the frontal cortex project into the PAG- making conscious control possible over pain and alertness. This indicates one can choose how to interpret stimulus. For example, positive thoughts affect and create positive healing. You create a positive journey of transformation. You become involved in a positive inner narrative in promoting self-health and well-being that potentially heals one’s physiology. The body-mind is a vast network of communicating molecules. This creates a positive healing cycle, increasing health and evolving awareness, choice, responsibility and consciousness. This is also another key in understanding how we can unlock groundbreaking awareness and breakthrough, accelerated transformation. We have much, much more conscious control not only over health but over increasing awareness, affecting reality by entering new possibilities by transforming conventional belief structures. This implies beyond energy orbs phenomena, we may be able to activate positive high charge emotions, influencing health, potential and world change possibilities positively (but first self-transformation processes). A very different solution but tangible one and one ancient wisdom has described for millennia.

Candice Pert, PHD confirms,

“There isn’t any absolute or external reality! What you are experiencing as reality is your story of what happened.”