Shannon Mata, Designer, USA

/Shannon Mata, Designer, USA

Shannon Mata, Designer, USA

Thank you Tracey!

The school, meditation exercises & experiences have been life changing! I don’t expect for many people to understand or relate, but I feel you might; so I wanted to extend my experience with my thanks. Something we touched upon during my reading is my interest in exploring my first “lucid dream” where many realities & specific parts of my existence existed. I’m familiar with some other realm visitation & precognitive dreams, but never such a far out of body journey. Source connection, experiencing my child soul, separate experiences of mind + soul, choice of a revised life plan/experiences, & what I feel was an opportunity to reincarnate or return all played out. At one point I existed in a place of infinity, I’ve been told it was the place of no space or time. Because the experiences in this dream were so real, that became (for lack of further understanding) my other realm reference of an alternative zero point. My reading, this class, your wisdom & energy have all very much helped me to feel a sense of anchoring into the strongest zero points here, feeling a more conscience sense of being grounded & embodied as you mentioned. I know it is one of my strong blessings to be learning from your wisdom, and experiencing healing & opportunities for growth on so many levels. I really cannot put into words how amazed I am by everything, and it’s major timely healing and expansion influences on my life.

Sincere heartfelt thank you! Shannon

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