Lola Fenandez, Director of Ole Kids, London, UK

/Lola Fenandez, Director of Ole Kids, London, UK

Lola Fenandez, Director of Ole Kids, London, UK

“I have known Tracey Ash for over 10 years, first I had yearly readings which were always amazingly accurate, relevant and helpful. No wishy washy blurb, light, clean and clear direction instead. For the past three years I have also been attending the life vision and awareness schools.The monthly classes at violet hill studios are just heaven, they always ring true and bring something new.

Perfect summaries of the month that passed and set up a new month of growth and connection. What can I say….. There is a before and after meeting Tracey, in the best possible way. Challenges come and go and life happens but with her timely support and advice, her quick path into meditation and a lot of fun and games life is definitely an adventure worth living and an amazing process of growth and empowerment.

Travelling to Egypt with her, brought a magical culture to life which unlocked and grounded a new beginning. Fear is something I keep working myself in and out of but with Tracey’s light work I can move past it and make the most of the experience and learning it brings.

The road travelled with her has been amazing and I look forward to lots more. Tracey keeps upping her game and bringing new energies in. Always learning and growing herself, downloading more clarity and light to spread and share. Exciting times!”

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