In Volume 35, No 1, December 2013, The PSI Science Institute of Japan, in EMERGENCE OF ORBS (2-9), Shigemi Sasaki and Tiejun Miao outline,

“The term orb describes unexpected, typically circular lightings that occur in flash photography- sometimes with trails indicating motion. The emergence of orb is believed to be important and meaningful in study of spirit and Psi phenomena. According to experiments of photographing orbs, such emergence is a type of macro PK between camera-man and photography object, in the way similar PK in Psi phenomena. Therefore, we can interpret orb as a highly variable range of supernatural paranormal phenomenon without verifiability- including invisible spirits, energy fields, psycho-energetic balls.”

We found the following conditions were closely related to orb emergencies. These are (1) the existence of no local diffusion objects, (2) in slightly dark environment, (3) in well known power spot and Psi subjects, (4) all conditions available. Also we found the appearance of orb has relationship with plus ion and minus ion, and their interacted group behaves like particle-wave duality characters. In final, regarding formation model of underlying orb, we assumed an existence of complexity interaction among Psi-pairs based on ion balls in space. Under certain conditions, these interacted Psi-pair is able to produce resonance on the zero point from a pair of +ion and -ion, and hence leading to unstable bifurcations which creates chaos attractor having fractal features.”

The term orb describes circular, often circular within circular, or circular with geometry structures within. The orb phenomena occurs with both flash and non-flash still photography and film footage, both at night and daylight. It has been possible to film 16 minutes of live energy orbs phenomena. It has been possible to film live energy orbs phenomena at Karnak Temple complex, Luxor (during 2012 and 2014) and Akhenaten’s tomb, Tel el Amarna during (2012, 2013) and the Great Pyramid Complex, Giza (2013, 2014), Mt Fuji (UFO). A selection of examples of films and photographs have been donated to PSI Science Institute Japan. Live film and photographic footage of energy orbs phenomena demonstrates intense activity, movement, possibilities of intelligent inter-dimensional communication and live manifestations of physical matter (feathers) that defy gravitational law. These films have recorded phenomena at earth power sites, in nature and ancient Egyptian temples and tombs (acknowledged as star-gates or earth power sites within ancient shamanistic, alchemical and spiritual practices).