Online Training




1: disclaimer: upon entering our individual sessions, training and tours you agree that TRACEYASH.COM will not give medical or psychological diagnosis instead of conventional medical advice.
2: disclaimer: you agree individuals sessions are paid upon booking with no refund less than 7 days in the event of your cancellation.
3: disclaimer: 1 year training: you agree in the event of your cancellation no refund less 14 days before start of training. more than 14 days before start less £300.
4: disclaimer: tours: no refund. full payment is required upon booking.
5: disclaimer: TRACEYASH.COM will not tolerate any abuse and will contact authorities.
6: disclaimer: you agree that TRACEYASH.COM is not liable for loss, injury, theft during individual sessions, seminars and tours. Please sign the relevant disclaimer form for tours & training.
7: disclaimer: you agree to enter into individual sessions, training, tours with full disclosure of health conditions that may harm self or others.