Ash & Martin dive into Soul Things. The enigma of soul intelligence beyond mind games. 

Soul Things questions truth, consciousness, psychology and control, health and freedom, healing and spirituality. Both are spiritual teachers whose genre is soul journey. Each cultivates individuality, community and wisdom legacy. Calling for genuine spirituality and a revolution of change.

Sundays 09.00 GMT

Ash, Wisdom Keeper

Ash is a teacher, healer, and oracle. Her metaphysics and contact capability and experiences are the reason she was invited to the United Nations in 2018.

She combines innovation, mysticism and international speaking. Ash unites ancient Egypt and evolution. She lives on ancient gateways in Egypt with her husky, Anubis Bowie, tracking truth and history to redefine our future.

She is creator of Habu Hotel EcoLodge and The Ark Abusir. Retreat-Hotel concepts built on ancient gateways of Egypt.

Elizabeth Martin, MA. Soul Guide

Elizabeth guides (supports/nurtures as you already have GUIDE) authentic, healing Soul Journeys. Mentoring people to traverse (solve) energetic blocks to live enriched, soul guided lives.

Elizabeth began her own spiritual journey 25 years ago, training with Tracey Ash (may be delete- add other teachers) in Psychic Development at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington. The skills she developed with Ash aligned her soul with her purpose; a successful career in the Art World and spiritual guide.

Her own soul journey guided her to channel multi faceted healing modalities to cognitively heal her own mind after a brain tumour.

Leaving the Art World to share her spiritual knowledge as Soul Guide, her retreats and sacred ceremonies are immaculately aligned to celebrate the Earth’s Lunar and Celtic Cycles. Connecting to source energy channeling Earth Frequencies at sacred sites on auspicious thresholds invites transformational healing and a Holy (sacred) experience.

Being the In-house Meditation Mentor at Home House in Mayfair and Consultant for some of the most Creative Companies across London, Elizabeth is passionate about empowering her clients to align spiritual development into their reality to be sovereign soul.

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