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25 September (Sundays)

Saturday/Sunday 24/25 September 2016 Saturday/Sunday 15/16 October 2016 Saturday/Sunday 12/13 November (sky 1) 2016 Saturday/Sunday 10/11 December 2016 Saturday/Sunday 7/8 January 2017 Saturday/Sunday 25/26 February 2017 Saturday/Sunday 25/26 March 2017 Saturday/Sunday 29/30 April 2017 Saturday/Sunday 20/21 May 2017 Saturday/Sunday 24/25 June 2017

IONS has just announced its first scientific research on channelling. Tracey is an honorary member of PSI Science Institute Japan and author of a number of research papers on consciousness. She regularly demonstrates her ability to audiences of 100-1000. She has completed 16000 life purpose readings since 1999. She is principal of 7 schools in Japan, UK and online with OM TIMES partnership (1999-2016).

• Mastering meditation, high frequency & new frontiers of consciousness
• The Kundalini switch: mastering life force
• Zero-point technologies training
• Advanced 5D Awareness and Training: insight & intuition, third eye activation, channelling: (advanced levels)
• Advanced quantum healing technologies
• The Universal Matrix: earth, solar & cosmic data training
• Professional readings & advanced diagnostics training for healers. This amazing 5D Awareness and Training includes precision data on life purpose, destiny, soul contracts, location, spirituality, health & well-being diagnosis, career & business, global location & finance
• Energy-field analysis & mastery. Understanding a wide spectrum of energy matrices.
• Time travel training
• Group zero-point technologies & new consciousness Q&A

Seminar 1: Mastering meditation, high frequency & new frontiers of consciousness
The Kundalini switch: mastering life force and awakening awareness. The foundations of excellent 5D Awareness and Training and practice.

Seminar 2: third eye activation and practices. Quantum consciousness & how we filter information. Explore and understand consciousness and awareness. What is the third eye?

Seminar 3: channelling awakening practices. What is channelling? Why is the energy system so important? How do we transform and advance our awareness filter?

Seminar 4: channelling high frequency, advanced information. This meticulous quantum technology demonstrates how you can use frequency and story to switch into new possibilities. This is both quantum healing and concise information filter.

Seminar 5 & 6: Master-class series tackling awareness, diagnostics and awareness with a client. Foundation in excellence, technical proficiency, professionalism, accuracy. Advanced consciousness practices. Knowing the difference between high energy quantum and low frequency awareness.

Seminar 7: energy field mastery and health. The foundations of excellence awareness practices.

Seminar 8: quantum consciousness and time travel. Future possibilities.

Seminar 9: further advanced master-class training on data, dimensions, life lessons, purpose, diagnostics.

Seminar 10: Glastonbury, Avebury & crop circle weekend

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