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We have carefully designed an online seminar series of 10 live advanced consciousness training classes for POSITIVE CHANGE-INFLUENCERS, LIGHT WORKERS, WAY-SHOWERS, STAR-SEEDS, INDIGOS OF TODAY & TOMORROW. Even better if you can not attend the class live there is video download available. This seminar is truly global attracting participants from USA, UK, JAPAN & AUSTRALIA. The first online series sold out in 24 hours! This is ancient technologies for new frontiers. Tracey Ash is leading the way. The school is for ten dedicated students only. We bring you the direct, non-duality, drama-free experience of ANCIENT EGYPT advanced evolutionary technologies with a practising SUFI, ancient wisdom keeper and way-shower who lives and works between UK, EGYPT & JAPAN. This is genius high frequency new frontier training that leaves low frequency for dust!
Our quest and journey as humanity must now be re-evaluated and our destiny lived. If you dream of living the dream of evolution then this school is for you! Bored of inconsistent spirituality, stuck in repeat pain loops and coping strategy, always on the edge of freedom yet never quite manifesting breakthrough- let’s transform what is now possible and open the door to positive, powerful Unknown!
High frequency awakening and transformation delivers magical fast-track alchemy, transformation and awakening that puts you right in the centre of POSITIVE CHANGE: personal and global transformation depends upon you, upon us. This is the SCHOOL that delivers the dream and ignites the miracle metaphysical gifts for daily life. The next evolutionary cycle is here…are you in it, manifesting it. This upscales every level of reality from health and well-being, to human potential and record-breaking manifestation. This training makes anything and everything possible because
high frequency demolishes duality, stereotypes and toxic. We finally unleash love and peace, quantum and genius!
The purpose of MYSTERY SCHOOL is for you to direct-experience ancient consciousness technologies that time-loop to integrate outstanding realities. We unify consciousness, we unify time, we surrender fear and death. In ZERO POINT we positively influence all realities. This is the life practice you will learn to master. It is truly LIFE CHANGING! REALITY CHANGING. DESTINY
CHANGING! We become masters of alchemy, masters of reality, masters of destiny! We listen once again to who we truly are.
There is no other ancient technology like zero point to FAST TRACK YOUR AWAKENING. Why? Cohesive, inter-dimensional embodied, gravity immersed. This technology tackles this reality, to
progress your life lessons, to use your time on this planet wisely. This technology simultaneously tackles immersing you in new realities, new time structures and even time loops. You will experience genius processes of advanced alchemy, mysticism and shamanic processes that
deliver enlightenment and revolution. You will be held in the corridor of time and no time. This work has its roots in the ancient sites of GIZA, ABU GHORAB & pyramid science that defines TIME,
DESTINY, EVOLUTION & CONTRIBUTION. The next frontier: manifesting it for future generations!
1: Pyramid Technologies. Gravity, consciousness, universal realities and time. Meditation
technologies that explore these concepts. Foundations of alchemy, time travelling, consciousness journeying! ONENESS: the ancients were genius in designing and maintaining heaven on earth.
2: Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Activation. Understanding CONSCIOUSNESS. Advanced
meditation technologies. The foundations of ALCHEMY.
6: HOUSE OF HORUS: EYE OF HORUS 7: HOUSE OF ATEN: UNITY 8: HIGH FREQUENCY CONSCIOUSNESS ACTIVATION & EMBODIMENT. THE BOOK OF LIGHT. Travelling: dimensions, intelligence, evolution. Why consciousness travelling resolves history and influences your/our conscious future. 9: FUTURE: accessing and influencing! This is a very exciting seminar where you will train in powerful transformation methods that change your frequency and learn how to influence future with incredible precision. You will experience massive transformation. 10: MASTERING REALITY: destiny, purpose and advanced awareness that comes with understanding true nature of consciousness beyond duality. Meditation technologies take you deep beyond time and reality. FOR TIME TRAVELLING. You will be initiated into THE BOOK OF LIGHT.


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