Online Training

Contact School 

OCTOBER LAUNCH of my new school in Japan….CONTACT. Count down for MT FUJI 30/9-1/10. My work at premier power sites worldwide has directed what is the next phase of training individuals for unprecedented consciousness, destiny, service and transformation to humanity. These individuals will explore the eduction and evolution that comes without ego. MORE NEWS TO COME.

Zero Point Training

SYNCHRONICITY JAPAN COLLABORATION JULY/AUGUST 2018 | LEVELS 1-4 | TOKYO, JAPAN Love & value of self & humanity, Vision, Truth, Divine Mission

Stargate Training

SYNCHRONICITY JAPAN COLLABORATION, LEVEL 1-3, TOKYO, JAPAN, OCTOBER 2017, OCTOBER 2018. Mastering meditation, Psychic training, high frequency & new frontiers of consciousness. The Kundalini switch: mastering life force. Zero-point technologies training. Advanced awareness training: insight & intuition, third eye activation, channelling, and Psychic training : (advanced levels)



The Source Codes are a quantum reality switch, a game changer that manifests a future of personal sovereignty, positive change, greater freedom and peace at every dimension of life.