Tracey Ash: And so my central focus of work is how we step into new frontiers of healing, of awareness, of contribution- positive contribution. So through my research and my work internationally, I’m constantly questioning what is next in terms of healing. How can we push the frontiers of healing, and understand it more? I work under an umbrella of research and training exploring how to make the transition from 3D to 5D. How we smash 3D stereotypes, structures and approaches. And ultimately, what is the impact, the effect of 5D on every dimension of reality? So what happens to dimensions of health, wellbeing, intelligence, reality itself, the world itself, when we enter into immaculate genius meditation practises, transformation practises, awareness practises. So for example, how we extend the impact of positive thinking. How we expand the impact of prayer, and prayer for healing, and prayer for world peace. So this takes me on an international journey of power sites and listening to knowledge or data that’s encrypted at power sites, power spots worldwide. My interest has always been evidence and research in this field that healing can be outstanding. I look to create those standards for myself but I also to inspire my students to reach those standards as well. The concept of genius is something that really inspires me.

Emoto Foundation: Concept of genius?

Tracey Ash: Yes, because if we can understand how to achieve it, we can make an ordinary life extraordinary.

Emoto Foundation: Achieve the state of genius?

Tracey Ash: Yes. So, the reality of genius in any individual, you make an ordinary life quite outstanding. Because you (The Emoto Foundation) have a wonderful way of creating visuals in terms of translating what outstanding consciousness is. It’s a really wonderful, genius, simple way. I am interested in the interface between consciousness and reality and what it takes for a human being to impact his or her reality positively and powerfully. We speak often about the divine, deities, guides or extra-terrestrial beings. I am very interested in how we make contact and request assistance during these times of change. And so the processes we train with, whether it’s meditation or healing or awareness, they must activate authentic changes within us first. I’m working with world events and particular countries that are going through massive changes. And so, what’s happening in those countries that are experiencing immense stressful changes politically, economically, socially? It brings up a very, very real issue that our spiritual work and consciousness work is much required during these times of change but manipulation and enslavement is very, very intense. So that’s where our approaches have to be incredibly perfect, immaculate, magnificent. It’s very significant to be as solid, authentic and strong as we possibly can be. And we need more individuals not only knowing the right way, but really living it, sustaining it and maintaining it. It’s very, very critical. So, what I look at doing is how we significantly amplify, amplify, amplify our human potential, our meditation potential, our healing potential, our awareness potential. So, what next is the question and it’s an unknown frontier.

Emoto Foundation: What next is a question of an unknown frontier?

Tracey Ash: And it’s unknown and it’s about taking the step into that journey for unprecedented healing, for human consciousness, for reality as well. So, when we immerse ourselves in new frontiers of 5D, we change every energy system, we move into ultimate health. Emoto Foundation: Ultimate health? Tracey Ash: We ignite new frontiers of the heart, our emotional intelligence, our intellectual intelligence as well. So, this is all about new, new, new, new. So, very much our reality is so strongly directed by our life force, and our energy systems, and how that impacts how big or small our consciousness and awareness is. And that has a huge impact on how much time it takes to wake up, or to transform, or to live our lives on the planet effectively. The difference between health and non-health is enslavement, existing in a very narrow band of awareness and what reality could potentially be. As we expand our awareness (and it is about dedicated consciousness work) we expand the frontiers of our reality, and when we’re doing this we’re expanding resource, which in turn gifts us the solutions to heal self, the planet we live on, to heal humanity. What I’m really interested in is what is the true story of humanity. I’ve accessed a story of humanity beyond one of pain and suffering …

Emoto Foundation: Pain and suffering?

Tracey Ash: So, our ancient history tells a very different story, a story of love, of pro-evolution. For example, you (The Emoto Foundation) are aware that water can carry memories, imprints. So, for example when I travel to world-renowned power sites, there are indeed in Egypt many ancient monuments connected with water. Ancient water. When we meditate at the Sacred Lake at Karnak Temple, or if we mediate at Lake Shrine in California, we’re connecting with very powerful 5D resources. Emoto Foundation: 5D resources? Tracey Ash: Yes. One can work with water in an entirely different way to activate the potential of human consciousness.

Emoto Foundation: Oh, once you’re connected with 5D?

Tracey Ash: No, once you’re connected at site and with consciousness. For example, with your research you will capture the signature of, for example, peace in a photograph. So, when I work with water I will connect with the imprint of, for example, an entire of body of knowledge. An entire body of knowledge? Water acts as a resource or library. Learning in a new way. Please pass my phone for a moment. So, for example, when I was at Lake Shrine in California, Yogananda’s Self Realization Felowship Centre. (This is so fun for the interview!). On 14 February 2017, I visited Lake Shrine in California and I meditate.. I always make pilgrimage there whenever I visit California, and because of my consciousness abilities the wisdom, the dimensions that we speak about, the data that we speak of, manifests. And if you look under the feet of that being that I photographed, there is a 5D star.

Emoto Foundation: Can you send this photograph?

Tracey Ash: Yes. And here there are four photographs which demonstrate 5D.

unnamed-9These all have beings presenting themselves, manifesting themselves in the location I’m working at. Three different locations, Mount Fuji, Valley of the Kings and California. I believe this particular being is a prophecy, which manifest to demonstrate 5D. You hadn’t at that time asked me for interview and this connects with your work on water. At Lake Shrine there are displayed photographs from Dr. Omoto. This being manifest in the centre of the lake is very interesting, Parmahansa Yoginanda is the grandfather of The New Age, the human potential arena as an entrance into spirituality, healing, meditation, awareness training in the West. And so as the ancient Egyptians recognised, Yoginanda also recognised when we significantly and purposely utilise water we amplify 5D, we amplify sacred knowledge. And it holds, like a power device, sacred knowledge, sacred power. So for example, in Egypt, at Lake Shrine, tapping into an information bank that is vast, infinite universal resource. The ancients were capable of leaving everything that we need now for all time. And water does it. The earth does it too. So, as we refine our consciousness we are able to refine deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper layers of reality. It’s really exciting because we actually have everything we need right in front of us.

Emoto Foundation: In the water?

Tracey Ash: In water, in you, in me, in her, we have everything that we need.

Emoto Foundation: That means that maybe the Universe is holographic?

Tracey Ash: Yes but we must, we must, we must refine our consciousness to access those realities. So our impact on reality and our ability to receive healing from our reality could be absurdly outstanding, absurdly outstanding.

Emoto Foundation: In a good sense?

Tracey Ash: Yes, in the best sense. Yes in the most miraculous and mind-boggling sense. If someone shows up with cancer I can utilise my consciousness, to unlock the story and cancer cells disappear because we have acknowledged the right story and the truth that transforms.

Emoto Foundation: So you can access to the right narrative?

Tracey Ash: Yes, the right internal narrative. Yes. So for example, you know within the context of your research, energy and consciousness, and not so healthy energy affects every dimension of reality. But what if we become very, very 5D target specific? We can tackle world events, we can overhaul our approaches even to healing and in this arena, that’s what these times are about, it’s about improving and raising the bar in terms of what has gone before. 5D encompasses your history, your present, your past, your future. And you’re utilising history as your wisdom base and it carries you forward into what is the next frontier. You know, then we’re moving into something entirely different, it’s not just about a little healing, a little psychic ability, a little intuitive ability or even talking about it. It’s about doing it, resonating with people and learning in new ways. My work isn’t only research- it’s also achieving immaculate training. I also work alongside contemporary Egyptians, I’m a practising Sufi. So I’m surrounded by magic and mysticism. And when we enter incredible sacred practises we enter into the incredible miracle of being alive. And if we see more human beings on the planet in that particular reality, we could heal more of the world. And we’d also transcend usual 3D timelines. So, we completely transform the possibilities and we transform convention. No, I think the work that you do on equating the visual with consciousness is very important. I would love there to be that function in my training school, so that clients can see when they’re achieving breakthrough consciousness and when they’re not.

Emoto Foundation: Achieving?

Tracey Ash: When they are in 5D, when they’re in that consciousness that’s going to transform them and change the world. So, it’s what we achieve internally during these times of immense change that is going to transform our reality. And you know this, the subtlety in which we express and manifest reality via our consciousness is so fundamental. And that’s the reality, but what’s at stake during these times is that people like us are continuous in upholding quality consciousness. So, it’s more than, “I meditate, therefore I am a good person.” It’s about practising 100%, 1,000%. It’s about living consciousness that makes a difference second by second, breath by breath. And then something else happens that’s even more spectacular. When you come to doing research, you can impact better and better, and more refined results. So, that’s why I travel around the world. I collect the data, but I also utilise photography as my medium to express the 5D changes that are taking place on the planet. It’s quite similar to your photographs in terms of water. It’s a similar process but I showing people how the changes are taking place on the planet and how to create 5D. … Okay, so this is what happens when you meditate, but this is really what happens when you really, really, really, really start meditating because your own acknowledgement is then the acknowledgement that’s required for the inter-dimensional to step forward and say, “We’re going to help the planet. We’re going to help humanity.” So, that’s the stuff of mystics that we know about, but then it’s available to us as ordinary human beings. And what you’ve got to consider is we have free will on the planet. So, if we can’t acknowledge ourselves, then we don’t have free will. And acknowledging ourselves means that we must recognise all parts of ourselves, and all parts of our history, and all parts of our human nature, and all realities, and all stories. And that shows us the way when we’re operating authentically. And when we choose the right way, the path of truth, the path that is the heart then we begin to enter into the incredible reality of universe and what’s out there beyond a 3D, 4D consciousness. And then we start to answer those questions around, “What is our human existence? What is purpose? What is the meaning of our existence?” It’s incredible stuff. It’s outstanding stuff. And being able to witness and experience and answer those questions and be touched by those realities, that’s what heals us. And I believe that more than any healing strategy or beyond any technology in terms of meditation or awareness processes, what we must be touched by is the sacred, the divine.

Emoto Foundation:  Sacred, divine?

Tracey Ash: We should be looking to our hearts, to loving ourselves and to loving the planet and loving other human beings. And when we dedicate to that very simple practise, we begin to connect and when we connect, we are in a very simple way profound healers at every dimension of our lives. And this alignment is a geometry that fits, that is perfectly balanced, that connects and fits with all. Emoto Foundation: All? Tracey Ash: That’s powerfully impactful. But it’s very important that we understand what it is so that we can maintain it. And I think that’s what’s fascinating about these times because these times are designed by 3D to be highly stressful and highly turbulent. Emoto Foundation: Oh, I see. Tracey Ash: Yes. Absolutely. So, we’ve got much more seriously, heavily manipulated world events that create both collective and personal drama. And drama is the reality that creates our healing agendas however our healing agendas are manifest. Emoto Foundation: Drama is created by? Tracey Ash: Drama creates every healing agenda that manifests. And I’ll explain why. Because drama attacks our life source and our resource, which in turn, attacks and compromises our energy systems, which in turn forces us to live in a 3D reality, which is why we become immensely unhappy and unhealthy. So, it’s immensely important to align with resource and reality that is so much more powerfully positive and healthy. Beyond that your practise can ensure you are alive, well, happy, strong and powerful enough to be able to withstand living in the 3D. That’s what is next.

Emoto Foundation: That is-

Tracey Ash: That’s what’s next, because often when we consider or seek healing, we seek it because trauma has already manifest as reality. It’s a coping strategy, it’s a mop-up operation. And so, this signals you taking the wrong route. Already manifest in terms of trauma, reality, physical illness or health being manifest. In 5D, something different is taking place. Healing crisis means you haven’t been listening. That’s the signal.

Emoto Foundation: You are not listening to what?

Tracey Ash: You’re not listening to who you truly are, what truth is, what destiny is, and often what your purpose is. 5D means you’re awake, you’re listening, you’re aligned with purpose, you’re aligned with a strong complete sense of who you are and what reality is. And that will make you far more likely to follow truth and highest frequency path, and an ever-increasing highest frequency purpose and destiny. Your purpose is your divinity, your divinity is your purpose. And in that reality, you maintain optimum health, optimum well-being. You’re supercharging the potential of mind, you’re supercharging the potential of heart, and you’re supercharging your physical energy levels. And what you’re doing is, and this is my next book, it’s Reality Revolution. And that takes you into revolutionising time and what you do with your life and your time on the planet, huge stuff. And it revolutionises how you learn and the strategies you employ within the context of your path, and how you revolutionise miracles and synchronicities, and how you are so awake you recognise the synchronicities and the prophecies in your life. And that bends time.

Emoto Foundation: Bends time?

Tracey Ash: Yes, which explains how and why the 5D being manifest at Lake Shrine, which was truly a prophecy within the context of coming here and doing the interview for you. BENDING TIME! Emoto Foundation: No cause and effect is just the… Tracey Ash: Well it is linear if you’re in 3D because that’s what your reality is. In 3D reality there is no future, There’s only beginning and end for 3D reality programmed individuals, but for 5D reality individuals, like myself, I not only recognise time and time-loops, I also recognise the nature of all of my lives and all of my incarnations, and why I have been allocated this particular timeslot on the planet during these times of change.

Emoto Foundation: Okay. So in 5D there is no beginning, no end?

Tracey Ash: No just evolution.

Emoto Foundation: Just loops, time-loops.

Tracey Ash: Time-loops based in the decisions we make. You know, we are coming up to a time-loop on Monday, the Spring Equinox. So we have micro-time-loops in equinoxes and solstices and we have a larger time-loop within the context of the 26,000 year cycle. The Ancient Egyptians knew this. The ancient Egyptians were aware of a reality process called Time and No Time. And they practised it.

Emoto Foundation: What do you mean practised this?

Tracey Ash: Practised the concept and reality of Time and No Time, because they were very aware of the evolutionary choices humanity would make, 3D, 4D and 5D. And so the true pathway of humanity is evolution. And it’s that concept beyond 3D reality and time as we are manipulated to believe. The ancient Egyptians understood the true, evolutionary pathways that humanity would take, one anti-evolution and one pro-evolution Anti-evolution and pro-evolution.

Emoto Foundation: Okay. [Foreign 01:04:57].

Tracey Ash: 3D can only hijack evolution for a temporary moment in time. 3D can only hijack 5D temporarily. Because our destiny as a species is to understand to ultimately understand we are all divine beings. We have freewill, which means we have choice in terms consciousness, therefore the reality we live in. My mission is to educate. And I’ll go back to the ancient Egyptians understanding and prophesying two eventual evolutionary pathways. They were capable of using time-loops to ensure that divine data, the 5D data, the knowledge of truth, the knowledge of light was secured for all time. I use time-loops to make myself present at critical times of evolutionary change, or critical times of opportunity. I’m a 5D wisdom keeper. I remember my lives, my knowledge, is always passed over, incarnation after incarnation.

Emoto Foundation: I want to make sure- you can come to any point of time or place?

Tracey Ash: Yes. Emoto Foundation: From will, from here?

Tracey Ash: The ancient Egyptians understood time, how reality and time was being manipulated and would be manipulated. And equally at the same time, we have gravity and earth frequency that can also direct our 3D reality. The ancients understood earth-grid and how power-sites could be utilised to maintain 5D existence, reality of existence. So take yourself into a power-site, you hit 5D. It’s very easy to hit 5D.

Emoto Foundation: Oh, at the power-site?

Tracey Ash: At power site. And that’s a very highly scientific reality. Proven with String Theory. But look at most major cities within the context of the world, utilise power sites for enslavement of individuals.

Emoto Foundation: Fantastic.

Tracey Ash: How do we transform enslavement, by understanding why it happened, and how it happened? This I find really interesting because you said, “Time doesn’t exist.” But it does if your frequency, if your energy system, if your consciousness is faulty.

Emoto Foundation: Is faulty?

Tracey Ash: Yes.

Emoto Foundation: Wow.

Tracey Ash: Yes. This is what really excites me about research. It super-excites me about research. As a researcher you have to repair faulty consciousness and your faulty energy system so you can transcend 3D and get into those realities so you can do the really authentic levels of research. And that’s just answered your question about what to do next in terms of extending the range of research.

Emoto Foundation: Next-

Tracey Ash: The next frontier of research. That’s one of your burning questions. What next in terms of … What do we do? What do we do? If we eliminate fear, doubt and limitation then we can succeed in entering incredible journeys in our lives for ourselves, but also that’s how we impact reality continuously. It’s a live feed. And it’s not enough 3D convention or education anymore, it’s not enough. The live feed in terms of your reality has to be immaculate. It’s really important. It’s not about knowledge because some of the knowledge we work with, some of the data we work with, some of the beliefs we work with are incorrect. And so, we have to wake up in terms of where the potential of the world rests is in training our consciousness to exemplary levels, so we can understand, seek, examine and assess what truth really is. It’s so critical. What works? What doesn’t work. What’s truth? What isn’t truth? This is huge. It’s a huge subject in every field of endeavour.

Emoto foundation: He has a question. If you’re afraid of changing yourself somehow, what-

Tracey Ash: Your going to do it eventually.

Emoto Foundation: When are you going to do it?

Tracey Ash: And this is important because if you ask that question, if you delay it, you’re wasting time. That’s something that’s hard-wired into our 3D programme. It’s a feed that is human manipulated. That’s the reality feed of 3D. It puts an obstacle between you and your greatest human potential and living the most outstanding life you can possibly live. And there’s a resonance match with that which will attract the situations, the life events, that show up, that you either can or you can’t change that particular belief you have in terms of your fears, your limitations, your doubts, but we’re always given the opportunity to take that chance to change. That’s what’s locking you out of being an amazing spiritual being, an amazing individual whose service is contributing beautifully to humanity. You’ll achieve that but fear locks you into 3D time. So, the reality of time not existing, of course, does exist in fear and doubt and limitation. That’s a splendid question because you’ve just actually answered your own question to why you’re not going forward and not fast enough, and until you solve your fear you won’t go forward fast. That brings me to something immensely revolutionary. We cannot tackle the 3D, the fear, the pain and the suffering in a 3D attitude because fear will compound fear, so it becomes a mantra.

Emoto Foundation: Fear will compound?

Tracey Ash: Fear can compound fear. It can make it stronger. So, if you connect with a healer or facilitator who is driven in fear and limitation, then that will hold you into that imprint, into that reality.

Emoto Foundation: Pull you into that imprint, into that reality.

Tracey Ash: Yes. And it delays our journey of healing and awakening. But if you have a 5D healer, a complete being in front of you, that being will show you the way, drama free, to eliminate your fears. And fear is the drama. And fear is losing site of your own profoundly powerful inner compass of truth. And a great healer will always take you to your seat of power, which is eternal. Fear is an imprint that locks us into 3D time. It’s a layer we have to penetrate to access the eternal reality of our being- who we truly are. I’ll go back to reasserting this. We have everything that we need. We are everything that we need. The planet is everything that we need to be incredible beings. But fear locks us into doing and it locks us into being hungry for a dream. And fear does something very interesting. It externalises our power. And we have cultural programing no matter where we come from on the planet. And it’s 3D programing that actually creates every healing agenda that every healer on the planet tackles. And we have so many healers on the planet who aren’t aware of the difference between 3D and 5D. And that’s why you often don’t succeed in the freedom and healing you dream of. So the difference is being facilitated by someone who will give you the choice between 3D and 5D. To show you the way between 3D, 4D and 5D. No, you often need someone to help you to choose. Because what we’re dealing with 3D is a virus.

Emoto Foundation: Virus?

Tracey Ash: It’s like a computer programme that’s gone wrong. And the way to change it is by changing the programing so you must be influenced by someone who is in 5D. I know the difference in frequency between an authentic healer and a non-authentic healer. And I show the difference between 3D, 4Dand 5D and I’ll do that if I am on a panel of expert healers from anywhere in the world. We’ve got to get into the reality arena where we’re not just talking about this stuff and discussing it, we’re actually doing it. It’s live. And fear doesn’t do it. So we have to look at what hijacks our magnificence in the first place. Emoto Foundation: What hijacks? Tracey Ash Hijacks… or compromises our magnificence in the first place. So for example, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your attitudes, affect your magnificence. That compromises your energy system. Therefore, you resonate with life experiences that demonstrate that. If you’re highly, highly, highly sensitive, that can amplify your fears. Compound it. If you’re working hard on your spiritual journey to heal yourself, to awaken yourself … If you’re not doing powerful meditation practises, healing and awakening practises and experiences, your field doesn’t become strong enough to withstand fear, the 3D programing that you are sensitive to. So, within the context of your question, I provide a solution for you. I want to see you go from A to B at speed. I want to see your success. But because I operate in 5D I can acknowledge your past, I can acknowledge your present, and I can see where you go within the context of your destiny. But what I want to do is speed it up by acknowledging particular points in time. What we could do if we eliminated fear, eliminated more fear, and pain, suffering, and limitation. We would unlock a mobilisation of humanity that would truly transform who holds the power in the world. It’s huge stuff. We can start to shake the very foundations of elite power structures. Oh, shake the foundations of elite power structures. Who holds the power? It’s becoming ridiculous in terms of who holds power. And what we’ve got to remember is if we approach it from pain, fear and limitation, we’re not in our 5D power to be able to rise up and really look significantly to what is required next of us as human beings. We can do little in 3D and 4D, but in 5D we can.

Emoto Foundation: He’s asking this question is that how to connect with 5D world, which depends on our own consciousness or emotions or should we do something like meditation?

Tracey Ash: There are different entrances into maintaining 5D. You can do it through food, you can do it through water, you can do it through power sites, you can do it through exploring, self-examining and unlocking yourself from your toxic stories. Your own stories, super important.

Emoto Foundation: Your own toxic stories.

Tracey Ash: Your own toxic stories, fear-based attitudes and beliefs, unhealthy thoughts and feelings. This leads into your water research. The most fundamental truth is we are all born on this planet as unique beings with a unique destiny and purpose and in remembering that, we enter into 5D and the greatest resource that transcends anything that’s 3D. What we must question are stereotypes and how that creates the pain and suffering. Because stereotypes create the reference point that places you in a structure of fear or creates the reference point so that wars can be initiated. If we can reference points in the future and bring them back to us, then that transforms and heals us. I’ve always played with this resource in an entirely unconventional way. I play with metaphysical gifts. I play with psychic ability, awareness ability, channelling ability, healing ability. I look at what it is and then I start to experiment with what it can actually do. I say healing could be this and let’s expand it. Because once we accept reality without questioning, our intelligence is fundamentally flawed. I utilise that in terms of growing. You know, if you apply that to growing your life, your intelligence is flawed if you hold fear. We often don’t question the fundamental, basic reality we exist in in life itself. This is amazing stuff. Yes? We don’t question it. We don’t apply intelligence to our existence. We simply blindly accept a particular reality or quality of life. Yes? Yes, we do. And people reinforce fear because that becomes the reality that is mantra reinforced on a continuous basis because it is not questioned intelligently. We amplify it, instead of experimenting with it. You could carry a sample of water around you and start to witness your thoughts and your feelings on a day-to-day basis. And then start to change your thoughts and your feelings, carrying your water around you and then compare the two samples and start to change your reality. You now see, you can reach freedom in a meditation, but if you can’t do it in your day to day life, you’re not creating, manifesting a different life path. That is the technical issue of doing very low impact meditation. You see, we can’t do anything about processes we believe in unless we question the impact they have truly on our lives, whether they progress us or not. This is important. So it’s very much, okay I meditate, but is that really changing my life or not? And is it really, really tackling my thoughts, my feelings, my attitudes in the way that I’m creating my life and my journeys in life? That affects your relationship with yourself but it also affects your relationships with everyone you meet on a day to day basis. And what I find super fascinating is fear disconnects us. This is the written in the prophecy of ancient Egypt in the Denderah Zodiac. Fear is exactly the reality that needs to be transformed so that we can grow in our intelligence. Increase the human heart capacity, you increase the mind, you increase your human intelligence. And in fear we blindly accept data which perpetuates an incomplete reality. And anyone with a scientific mind must be asking that question at this time, what’s next? Because we’re at this pivotal point of change where it can’t be the same anymore. My daughter is studying A level Physics and says, “The curriculum is not based upon current scientific truths.” Because we’re discovering what we base our past on has often been a lack of awareness and many, many, many non-truths. Her generation is understanding and questioning that the world has to move into deeper truths. And even where fear is concerned, you do have that choice about accepting non-truth or freeing yourself. The way to eliminate 3D programming is to eliminate it in your self. Once you change it. You can change the whole future of your family, your children, your friendships, your relationships. That is a very simple revolution. But 3D is hardwired into our existence and we have to acknowledge it. Once you acknowledge fear, if you’re with a facilitator who’s powerful enough, they’ll hold you, hold you, hold you and show you the way. And why? Because they’re powerful enough to open their hearts to freely, freely, freely show you the magical way. And that is true service. Not giving others healing when you need healing yourself. Every healer who is seeking training should be trained in eliminating the 3D and 4D, the toxic, first. That’s interesting within the context of your research because healing occurs because there is authentic change occurring within your consciousness. And without that change in your consciousness, you can’t target specific in terms of helping, aiding another human being. You can’t be a healer if you have selfish agenda because the agenda is the person who is seeking your help. Every person who comes before me is equal, has something to solve within the context of their journey and that’s all I do. That solution maybe the obstacle that has locked that person out of life for decades. It can manifest as, you know, as terminal illness. As a catalyst, I’ve reversed stage four cancer and aids due to acknowledging exactly the obstacle.. Target specific and authentic. Because, if we’re not complete in our consciousness then the tools we use are also incomplete. Someone who is in serious crisis, i.e. terminal illness does not have time for you to make a mistake. Time may not exist but time does matter when you’re in 3D. That’s fascinating in terms of the way we get real about our spirituality. Realistic. How we transit the changes between 3D and 5D. Some of us are going to make evolution or ascension during these times, and some people not because we need reference points. If we can access the right facilitators, more of us make that leap into 5D. It’s important to eliminate fear so you can make the healthiest choices. You must, must, must show up and hang out with people who are on the same journey, who are respectful in terms of a 5D journey. You need resonance with positive and healthy human consciousness.

Emoto Foundation: Do the animals actually live in 3D and 5D, his question?

Tracey Ash: That is a super question. Human beings are the only species to hold in the 3D structure. I rescue horses in Egypt. We take horses from a 3D environment and we place them in a 5D environment. Whatever’s happening within the world you can guarantee the animal species are holding in new 5D, holding an amazing matrix around the planet. It can be incredibly inspiring and highly miraculously transformational just to witness the reality an animal exists in. Can be extremely useful in mirroring your own consciousness back to you. Also, unlocking your potential. If you approach it with ‘Show me who I am’ then the animal will display exactly who you are and becomes your teacher. We rescue very seriously affected horses in Egypt and we heal them. Those animals in their gratitude radiate at the highest 5D frequency. In turn that has brought immense joy to the local family, and the local community. When we see the world, animals and human beings as sacred, we can see the sacred purpose and reason for those connections in our lives. We treat our animals with immense respect. But the reward is great in terms of what they demonstrate as our capacity as human beings. This teaches us a lot about who we can be. When I take people out riding in Egypt, I can really see whether someone is truly aligned, integrating and authentic is how they ride, how they interact with animals. How they’re integrating wisdom, healing, where their consciousness is, where they are on their journey.

Emoto Foundation: About the animals?

Tracey Ash: No, human-beings- animals are there. It’s human beings who often aren’t. Often I watch because I am Sufi and my husband’s father is an Imam. My heritage is an authentic lineage. I’m an Egyptian Sufi. Sufis see at such a deep reality level. And life takes on significantly deeper, deeper and deeper and more profoundly loving, peaceful meaning.

Emoto Foundation: Sufi dancing of course. And I was invited by a kind of spiritual leader in Istanbul, and I think she is a reincarnation of the Rumi.

Tracey Ash: Did she perform miracles?

Emoto Foundation: No, not this lifetime. I don’t [inaudible 02:05:07]. So anyway-

Tracey Ash: The authentic lineages perform everyday miracles and the miracles are enchanting. It’s magic. It’s real mysticism, and it is a profoundly powerful mysticism that is everything that 3D is not. The path of the heart. The divine feminine, which is where all mysticism and miracles of transformation, awakening and spirituality exist, rooted in what was removed within the context of enslaving humanity. Islam is the path of the heart and it’s fascinating within the context what’s been manipulated against Islam during these global times of change. In terms of the reality of mystical path, it can’t be comprehended in 3D, it can’t be comprehended intellectually. It has to be comprehended in your heart. We can’t Western-intellectualise Sufism. I know Egyptians who charm snakes by speaking the Koran. That level of magic, of mysticism is beyond our comprehension. Beyond intellectual comprehension to understand that speaking the Koran will enchant a snake from the wall, remove it and then free it into the wild. Sufism is handed down generation to generation, and you are allowed in as you earn it. You’re initiated into Sufism. And as an outsider, I was invited in. I’m married to a man who will be an Imam, a spiritual leader. That is my destiny.

Emoto Foundation: And so could you send me your energy into this water? Tracey Ash: How do you want me to do it?

Emoto Foundation: Any way. As you like.

Tracey Ash: I’m so excited!

Emoto Foundation: … we have two bottles actually. One bottle is just out, over there, Is control. And now you have this water bottle. This is for you to send your energy. And it’s up to you, really. And five minutes or ten minutes, that’s okay, it’s up to you. And you can input any energy, or just observe the water crystals, it’s up to you.

Tracey Ash’s Assistant: Wow. I think the energy leaks, It goes all over the room. I feel it. Tracey Ash: Wow. That was time travelling.

Tracey Ash’s Assistant: Awesome.

Emoto Foundation: What? Time travelling?

Tracey Ash: Wow. Interesting. It’s like the water has the whole imprint of humanity, and the potential of humanity and every possibility in terms of every future possibility. Yes, another device to open up our reality potential. Yes? I can process what’s happening when I’m working so I can identify how it’s transforming scientifically. I can change it. I can enhance the reality I’m connecting with when I’m working with water. So I could focus in this dimension, then lock it into another reality. I could travel into future and then bring future back and plant it into the water. So that’s kind of interesting in terms of what we could use it (water) as an amplifier to amplify future possibilities, to amplify levels of healing, to amplify levels of awareness. You see, water can be used to transform our fears and our limitations. Every time you enter into a sacred experience, it unravels your energy systems and unravels your DNA back to optimum health. And that’s awesome.

Emoto Foundation: Yes, it’s very interesting.

Tracey Ash: And we can use time travel to take us into more and more profound health. So you’re bringing your optimum health to you and choosing it again and again and again. It’s like choosing the best possible software, the best possible programme.

Emoto Foundation: [Foreign 02:24:05]. So water is the media that we can access the optimum, or optimum things?

Tracey Ash: I would equate it to for example, it’s a device that you’d use.

Emoto Foundation: Device as a light worker?

Tracey Ash: Yes, because while I was combining it with white calcite during your experiment, you’re looking at is a massive magnification of consciousness, so the ancient Egyptians were creating and working with super-advanced consciousness levels that we barely comprehend. Pyramids submerged in water. The Great Pyramid site has many, many, many underground caverns and channels of water connecting with the Nile.

Emoto Foundation: Water, even now- Tracey Ash: Yes. And all sites, 30, 40 kilometres across the Giza plateau, all of those sites are connected by water channels.

Emoto Foundation: Water? Wow. Interesting.

Tracey Ash: When water, is present it amplifies the power site. It’s like a satellite in a sense, so it will really, really speak out, signal out to the rest of the universe. You’re up-scaling the frequency not only of the planet, you’re up-scaling the frequency of all human beings. Keeping them connected in God. This is core stuff. That’s what the ancient Egyptians did, that’s what they created as reality. It was indeed heaven on Earth.

Emoto Foundation: All of us connected through water and connected with God?

Tracey Ash: We can be connected via technologies, Earth grid, and how we utilise particular resources, natural resources, god given resources on the planet. The most perfect things are most simple things, and we can utilise them for profound journeys of consciousness and advancement of humanity. Yes. What does it (water) do when you meditate with it? The experiment gave me very different insights on what it could do. I’m here to help you, it’s about serving you and serving your mission, your purpose. We need to find out, what our resources on the planet do in a different way? That’s what’s exciting.