LOVE: 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier- SOUL & SPIRIT MAGAZINE FEATURE

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LOVE: 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier- SOUL & SPIRIT MAGAZINE FEATURE

As the Beatles wrote, ‘All you need is love’. But could it be true? Tracey Ash certainly thinks so – and so do we! Here, the author and life purpose facilitator shares 10 things you need to know about love…

We are all affected by the life events, people and journeys we experience. From our first day welcome into this world to every early encounter until our last breath. Love, or the lack of it, plays a critical role in shaping who we are, our potential and the love we can give others. It ignites our potential, our magnificence and just how far we can succeed. The love of our parents, family, friends and lovers defines and potentially enhances who we are today. Based on your life experiences do you need to explore greater self-love? Every individual is unique which is why the experience of love is so elusive and yet so deeply personal.

When we enter the love zone, we know who we are. It is the revolution that literally changes our world if we dare to experience further. If nurtured and taught about greater love as children, what kind of adults could we be? Miraculous – with love as the primary core value in every dimension of life and society.

1 The science of falling in love…

It involves a myriad of brain structures. One of the main structures is the limbic system known in emotional response. The limbic system is several structures combined, including the basal nuclei, the thalamus, and the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is involved in both behavioral and sexual function. Combining these two important functions, one can see how the limbic system is so crucial to falling in love.

According to research, a person responds with their entire body when they feel desire. In desire, adrenaline is released. Adrenaline is both a neurotransmitter and hormone. During this reaction, the person’s heart rate increases, pupils dilate, sweat glands are stimulated, and the brain becomes increasingly alert. This reaction is how people describe being ‘in love’.

2 Life inspires us to greater love…

Each opportunity in our lives is a door that can open you to love. How do you perceive challenges in life? Love always empowers and heals. Do you learn from life experiences? Do you create inner peace and self-love? Do you wish to be a better individual? Do you dream of a better world? Love can manifest this.

3 Great love heals…

When we enter love, we enter a sacred loving space that is strong enough to transform our most toxic stories. When we enter the ‘blame game’ in relationships, take time out to hold space, to forgive self and others.

4 Love is the life force making life easier…

and defines us in monumental moments of knowing there is more- so much more. Love indeed is scientifically proven to heal us into greater health and well-being. Creating love within and around us ignites the life force that can drive our lives, inspiration and motivation, even the confidence for super-success!

5 When we love we ride a magic carpet of magnificence…

It takes us beyond suffering and pain. Love reveals our eternity. Life’s challenges are turned around, perceived differently; we struggle less, argue less and resist less. We enter the flow of life. We know we have the power within to live and love life.

6 Great love is possible by loving ourselves first…

Have you ever dreamed of meeting the love of your life? This dream to some people can become nothing more than an impossible, hungry desire that burns away and eludes us.

Dream yourself into magnificent love and explore what it feels like. Set the intention to meet the love of your life. Familiarise yourself with and vision this dream manifesting. Importantly, love yourself and you will attract the great love of your life. On your way, you will meet the lessons that show you the way to greater love.

7 Forgiveness and truly giving is possible only from love…

As our relationships unfold from infancy to maturity. The keys to creating healthy relationships are bound in creating time and space to develop our journey with another individual. This journey is sacred and honors your love on every dimension of life.

8 We must identify the stories of our childhood to transform toxic stories that sabotage true love…

Remember we inherit our parents’ stories – both positive and negative. The essential inner work is not unnecessary. Intelligent inner work journeys can overhaul our stories and perspectives on value, self worth and the love we can give. This can be outstanding foundation work in manifesting the love of your life.

Love is sacred; design your dreams of love and understand your deepest values! Self reflection and meditation are intelligent life tools.

9 Inauthentic change disempowers…

This is not love. For sure, there will be journeys that require self-improvement but if change requested by you or another individual is unhealthy, please re-consider whether this love is real.

10 True love feels safe…

It’s empowering, nurturing and will transform you beyond anything else. It takes us into the most valuable of human experiences and draws us closer to our divinity and intelligence, responsibility and awareness that knows right from wrong. Love can truly positively change the lives of the people around us.

Never underestimate the power of love. This power changes our world.
About the author

Tracey Ash is a researcher of consciousness, ancient wisdom keeper and power site explorer, working to inspire the next generation of positive change influencers to ignite solutions for the next phase of planetary evolution. Tracey is also an author and she runs retreats all over the world.

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