Tell Us A Bit About Tracey Ash?

I Love Inspiring And Manifesting The Dream Of A Better World And Future! I Love Positive Change

About Tracey Ash

I love extraordinary ordinariness.

I love empowering, unique journeys where the value and meaning of our existence fills life.

Since childhood I have been fascinated in understanding who we are, our mission on the planet and what we can do to create a better world.

I love the miracles of quantum & ancient, zero-point & miracle human potential. I travel the world of ancient stories encrypted at earth-power sites. This magnificent high frequency changes our lives and works! This is the quantum upgrade revolution! Light goes viral in this new frontier.

As in no other time, these direct transformation technologies operate at incredible speeds of awakening and healing.

Question How Meditation

I question how meditation, transformation and awareness technologies can be improved, can indeed revolutionise our world.

Authentic technologies of consciousness are ‘off the scale’ revolutionary! This translates as inspiring a generation who care about self-mastery, healing and loving world and humanity. This is a critical time where pioneers of change in every dimension of life need to step up to manifest urgent miracle solutions. We must change our ideas about our past, who we can be and what our future can be if we change our minds and hearts. It’s time to wake up and drop believing and playing out toxic stories. It’s time to urgently wake up to choose to create a better future.

I am Principal of seven schools in UK and Japan. Since 1999 I have completed more than 16000 individual sessions. I explore and work at ancient sites and wisdom where our true history and story speaks. I believe timeless ancient wisdom speaks of a divine humanity that we are no longer connected with. This is essential knowledge in our journey back to love and peace on our planet. We have the capacity to live as loving gods

I believe every human being deserves the opportunity to be listened to, valued and respected. I am passionate about quality training and transformation that achieves results. I am an activist in the human potential movement to raise standards- this work can absolutely unlock miracles, unsurpassed human potential and genius that creates the peace and love we hunger for. I am one of the finest high frequency technicians of my generation.

I believe we can listen to our divine purpose beyond the layers- this is the divinity key beyond elite power control and survival-mode only. When we do this we know and connect with our divinity. It is only then we awaken to our genius potential to live an incredible life that gives powerfully to family, community and world.

I have spent decades in meticulous research, training and building of new frontiers of consciousness, healing and awareness. I have always been fascinated in how we live authentic spirituality to manifest the genius human potential of change, divine purpose and service to humanity. These essential genius keys are often missing: denying access to beautiful, intelligent, loving connections to self and world in a chaotic, busy, technologically and self-absorbed driven world. This is found in striving to live finest spirituality and high frequency every day. I advocate practicing living this every day for the rest of your life!!! We have a window of precious, precious time on the planet and we must choose to live the best life and world! I offer the transformation and awakening technologies to achieve unsurpassed possibilities of destiny!

You’re A Light & Peace Emmasary, What Does That Mean?

As a LIGHT & PEACE EMISSIONARY- I transmit high frequency love, awakening and healing during individual sessions and audiences up to 1000. It is my mission to inspire and ignite magnificent journeys transforming toxic stories, to free Individuality and to honour extraordinarily ordinariness! Every individual and life is extraordinary. I speak to a generation of positive change makers who unite in a a new global vision of change. Now our dreams are listened to and possible. Because what I do is not slave to one dimension methods- you experience incredible quantum possibilities that literally lights up your health, life and world! It is indeed the quantum switch we all dream of!


A tangible spiritual and transformational ‘live’ experience deeply reaches the people I connect with. Miracles of healing can occur transforming ill-health, disease, fear, unhappiness and the belief to create new journeys. I travel teaching and speaking about our journey to return to light, human values and love that brings purpose, hope and positive future world. Miracles of manifestation and synchronicity unfold quickly to transform and inspire lives. I have a gift to see your divine purpose and describe your mission and destiny in astonishing details. This lights you up! I have done more than 16000 individual sessions.

You’ve Been In This Field Since 1999, and Have Probably Seen Many Spiritual New Age Buzz Words and Methods Come and Go. What’s Led to This Longevity?

During the 80’s, 90s and 00’s many, many human potential and healing technologies emerged. What is new is not new. The questions we ask when we face life challenges and crisis are the same. We seek healing. We seek answers, understanding and purpose of our existence. We enter journeys to discover and unlock love and happiness. This hope brings us ever closer to knowing we have the power to understand and change our lives and world.

What has occurred during the last decades is that our information networks have accelerated. Our awareness has accelerated. We all expect to have the right to be healed. I am old/new school and know that deep healing and awakening requires a dazzling, dedicated catalyst, teacher, facilitator or experience that ignites powerful divinity. Here miracles are born. This is the enchanting Grail we search for. We can spend our lives searching and never finding it. I believe I have.

My power as a healer originated because of decades of meticulous self work, awareness and transformation and of course, continuous travel to work with people all over the world. I see every day an entirely new day of discovering who I am! When I was seventeen I entered my first spiritualist development circle. I have had the gift of spiritual vision since childhood. have thirty years of training and professional experience in many authentic, dedicated fields of consciousness training in Buddhism, Shamanism, Theosophy, Meditation, Energy Healing, Mystery Schools and Sufism.

There are many, many millions of professionals: how good I am not sure. I believe every every method or technology, in its first, original form Is magnificent. What we must remember is that our consciousness and awareness is the genius key in every method we choose to align with. This is my very exciting arena of work- and my research and delivery is quantum! I don’t just talk about it- I AM.

Many say your work is refreshing and no-nonsense how does that translate into meaningful service for people that come to you for classes or 121 sessions?

Every Individual I Work With Has A Magnificent Story

Every individual I work with has a magnificent story: it’s my mission to listen, honour and potentially inspire this story to be loved and lived. I listen often to silent and unspoken dreams and stories. I confirm the magic held in the fabric of our lives and inspire a brave journeys to live it. This is the most incredible divine purpose, quantum, light loving, amazing!

This achieves the consciousness recalibration that out-performs toxic structures. We succeed in light and defeat fear and limitation. It’s about knowing what to fight for. As a new generation spiritual warriors the peaceful revolution is in the genius of consciousness: OUR LIGHT! Living it and honouring it within ourselves and in those who also choose LIGHT. This is service. Every individual as a unique, individual divine purpose that when activated is the high frequency signature of immense transformation, mission and light that contributes to the unity and service of humanity and planet! It’s quantum crazy good!