We mobilise synchronised Global SKY WATCHES to assist our ascension process and achieve unquestionable contact experiences and footage.


NEW EARTH PROJECT within 7 days a global network of CONTACT GROUPS was mobilised for my trip to MT SHASTA in April 2018 in response to creating world peace during continuing war in Syria. I am well-known as an ascension pioneer, experiencer and power-sites expert. Importantly most of the groups mobilised have been trained in my ascension work or experienced it. I collaborate with groups all over the world to accelerate CONTACT, speaking at premier conferences worldwide and have training programs online, Egypt, Japan, USA. I am capable of initiating contact at precise times, in precise locations.

My NEW EARTH PROJECT was created in response to effective generation of world peace by calling in contact. THE ASCENSION PROJECT worked with me at SHASTA.

Previous contact experiences in Australia and Egypt this year gave me detailed information from ET contact that mobilisation of pro-earth extra-terrestrial species would enter the star-gates to reveal the presence and intelligence. I was told this will transform reality, beliefs and reality attachments. I believe this mobilisation of ET AID is SIRIAN +PLAEIDIAN- inter-dimensional initiation of humanity.

Please note 21 MARCH-9 APRIL I was in Egypt where information from these sources revealed the timelines are merging. I have multiple photos and footage of contact experiences during this time. My Great Pyramid Ceremony on 1 April 2018 was indeed pivotal in another contact experience where I was also informed I was pivotal in the development of the human species and contracts of evolution foe all time. I believe this is absolutely critical in multiple keys coming together for revolutionary contact to enter the seven gateways to and from the sun during this evolutionary time loop described in The Denderah Zodiac.

I have precise detailed past-lives information of ascension processes in Ancient Egypt .I was also an extra-terrestrial aid to Akhenaton. I have detailed information on The Ascension Cover-Up. I was drawing temple sites in Egypt during my twenties before I had visited Egypt.

My work is dedicated to ascension HOW TO in CONTACT, ASCENSION & META-PHYSICS. I work with indigenous wisdom and ancestors, Ancient Egypt and have extensive knowledge of star-gates and power-sites. This reality has been present since childhood. I have had contact experiences for four decades and meta-physical gifts and PSI abilities that have been highest level trained and fine-tuned. I am capable of identifying program implants and removing these on any timeline. I am in service to humanity in this current ascension process. The contracts have been very carefully engineered to secure the evolution and survival of humanity on particular time loops.


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