As I walk through the enchanting muddle of personalities, colours, camels and horses, I finally sit, quietly alone, in the cool winter sun. This vast landscape is a time machine. I sit on the west side of The Great Pyramid. Pyramid Khafre is a short walk in the distance. I sit, melting my back into the deep baseline of limestone blocks. I run my awareness from the base to the apex of the pyramid, checking the frequency and the history, the templates and the stories. The next template of humanity is indicated by the precession of the equinox.

I can vision the world today; The Great Pyramid has recorded the history of
man at this time. The healing required is visibly mirrored in the lower structure.
The next template depicts time finally catching up and evolution accelerates at
incredible speeds. This is the vision to come. Here two incredible opposing stories
of humanity collide. As the next template sits in this exact time machine, I have visions
of how this cosmic template of man has been deliberately hidden and deleted
by the stories of elite power structures.

How this gigantic, infinite and peaceful template for world has been deliberately
withheld. Deliberately manipulated, reality now depicts a world in deep
need of a millennia of emotional healing and awakening. The limited template of
humanity has driven, monopolized and controlled illusion, love, money, control
and even our divine power. This is the ultimate free resource for changing self and
our world.

I recall many experiences in my life when I have experienced great challenges.
There is a deep and emotional narrative here today within me that reflects the
same story of humanity. And today emotion heals me. The vision of a greater template
washes over me as I sink deeply into The Great Pyramid and surrender. This
is the only way to freedom.

This time machine has recorded the path of humanity and has been designed to
amplify this cycle of the Precession of the Equinox to accelerate and awaken a better
path. Secrets of time and whispering memories of a powerful ancient humanity
are held here. What has happened? The Great Time Machine records the history
of our times and where we have travelled. The information is encrypted here. The
Great Time Machine is filtering and transforming earth and humanity. Our collective
stories could be changed faster if we understood how this technology works.
The ancients left incredible solutions for our modern times. As I recognize this
legacy high frequency intensifies. Awareness of greater truths intensifies. My heart
is awakened and I am flying. Held in the all seeing eye of Ra. Planetary evolution
is building to unlock the apex of The Great Pyramid; the benben stone, the symbol
of the phoenix, is the next template of humanity. This is the big and long awaited
change. Divinity reveals awareness and awareness heals and yet still the old template
stubbornly exists.

The Great Time Machine indicates the purpose behind this. Physicality, the
challenges of life and the deliberate limitations on the template of humanity serve
as a counter balance, anchoring the way to propel us into the new template at incredible
speed. This template knows and accepts who we have been and the history
we have created so far. This cosmic template recognizes the mistakes of our past
and heals the deliberately incomplete history and vision for self and humanity.
And now The Great Pyramid also records the story of the incredible sea of
children who run to me and welcome me. One hundred children surround me,
passionately talking with me and taking photos. Enchanting, they inspire their
teachers to talk with me and the walls of adult silence are broken easily. I am held
in a frenzy of stories of loving daily life. I break from writing, for time with these
radiant, loving children. Here is the hope for the world right in front of me. There
is love, so much unconditional love.