Life Purpose Reading


Your Life Purpose reading and Life Vision Consultation- in precision detail & superb transformation. +16000 LIFE Purpose Readings worldwide and in-person since 1999. Clients include individuals who seek transformation, vital information and directions that unlocks vision and purpose with a world-class professional intuitive and healer.

Clients include business pioneers, politicians, families, professional healers, organisations and centres, Hollywood movie stars.

Your contracts of transformation and awakening in all major life areas- your potential and excellence, personal relationships, global location to maximise your Life Vision, conventional and pioneering career and business development, financial decision making and spiritual evolution, your empowerment, health, well-being and energy.

Your potential, destiny and significant future information will be accessed. Life Purpose Reading activates, accelerate intense transformation and energy awakening bringing clarity and action in your Life Vision and Life Purpose.
Questions welcome so that your vital decisions can be made with ease.

A recorded, accurate Life Purpose Reading that will key into and transform your major life areas and trends and dreams. You will have no need to ask questions as your future is accessed. World-class information at superb levels of accuracy, energy and healing. Visionary, Psychic, Channel, Ancient Wisdom Keeper, Catalyst for your Life Vision Change. Specific issues may be spontaneously transformed or targeted in a micro-super-healing session during the consultation.
Venues-Violet Hill Studios, London NW8 9EB, Synchronicity Japan, Tokyo, Natural Spirit, Japan, Tree of Life, Mind Body Soul Experience, Mind Body Spirit Festival London, Yoga Show.

Appointment by Skype, in-person and telephone.

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