Fast forward into the twenty first century, meditation is a vast arena bringing varied technologies and success for increasing intelligence, health and potential. In order to upscale the value of meditation we are going to consider the scientific evidence and benefits. Scientific studies deliver the proof for benefits but what you also need to know is meditation can result at minimum simple relaxation techniques over a vast spectrum to outstanding inner change, well-being and health.

Which approach is often a vital question and agenda. Meditation can re-design transformation, awakening and human potential. Meditation can accelerate your transformation and awareness processes if you engage correctly with technologies. Groundbreaking inner change in meditation can out-perform conventional time structures, defy or shift existing scientific explanation. Without regular awareness practice limited results can persist. Meditation can ignite outstanding pro-evolution perspectives and solutions. Two lines of investigation will be explored in Celestial Healing.

First, exploring stories of ancient knowledge and lost technologies that out-maneuver time, evolving and bypassing conventional paradigms for self and world solutions. Second, the question of generating and maintaining incredible inner-change of greater healing and awareness processes, core-emotional strengthening and potentials of mission and health. Meditation practitioners and ardent fans, what if a bigger project is introduced beyond time consuming self-agenda coping strategies for stress and rebalance in modern life. Certainly, it’s an essential industry.

Drukman and Swets (1988) estimated $300 billion a year was spent on training and development courses on human potential in the USA alone. It is some of the way to creating a better individual. Coping strategies do reach desired freedom momentarily then energy levels drop back into stress stories. What if technologies could be upgraded to deliver beyond endless loops of coping strategies? What if you knew ‘how to’ be free? What if the big project is more magnificence in life and world? This would be ground breaking! Self and world is often not designed to deliver freedom to such a level of magnificence and success! What about a re-design?