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• Love & value of self & humanity

• Vision

• Truth

• Divine Mission

• Kundalini Awakening

• Zero-point technologies: high frequency resonance, advanced awareness, telepathy & divine inspiration, time travelling, remote viewing, levitation and bi-location.

• Advanced synchronicity, mission & manifestation

• Light & Peace Emissionary

• High Frequency Transformation: Matrix Healing Training

• Mystery Schools Training (histories of 40,000 BC).

• Use of crystal and pyramid technology

Seminar 1: Foundations of advanced meditation technologies, spirituality practices and inner wisdom. Life force, kundalini and energy system.

Powerful group healing experience.

Seminar 2: Foundations of LIFE PURPOSE. Deep awakening practices that reveal your life purpose. This seminar will map your life lessons , understanding your stories and importantly how to raise frequency to transform limiting beliefs, empowerment and health.

Seminar 3: Foundations of DIVINE PURPOSE. This seminar evolves seminar 2 but takes your frequency higher. Here we strengthen the group healing experience. Experience superb transformation that unlocks every dimension of self and life. This is a massive high frequency re-boot. Please arrive with your healing agenda and expect healing miracles.

Seminar 4: Foundations of VISIONARY. Awaken your energy system, third eye and awareness. Awareness perfects your understanding of who you are, your life purpose, life lessons. When we understand our historical life lessons we can choose to create a better future.

Seminar 5: Foundations of CREATOR. Primordial archetypes take to the beginning of creation. This reality and experience is the domain of Mystics and Shamans. This seminar works with Ancient Wisdom technologies and Tracey’s Mystery School Training. This is advanced consciousness technologies simplified for all levels.

Seminar 6 & 7: MATRIX HEALING: Understanding and transforming stories. This seminar delivers tools for advanced self-transformation rooted in quantum technology. You will train in quantum transformation approaches to help others. This is immensely valuable training based in quantum consciousness mastery. Here we can positively influence reality. During this practice we recognise how we frame reality in our story. This serves us in creating a foundation of authentic spirituality and awareness practices. These practices will be awakened in life: where it matters most!

Seminar 8: Quantum Consciousness Technologies & Manifestation. This seminar will explore The Mystery School technologies for powerful alignment with your destiny and greatest potential. The Mystery School serves in awakening GENIUS, MIRACLES in daily life. This is purpose of this school.

Seminar 9: Quantum Consciousness, Time Travel, future life possibilities and world transformation and peace. The future is healing. Experience powerful group transformation and awakening explore these important concepts in a new frontier of human potential. This workshop will switch on high frequency and demonstrate WE CAN ALL MANIFEST POSITIVE CHANGE & MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We will be rebuild human and spiritual potential. This takes us into LIGHT!

Seminar 10: Glastonbury, Avebury & crop circle experience

(Saturdays). All levels.
Saturday/Sunday 24/25 September 2016 Saturday/Sunday 15/16 October 2016 Saturday/Sunday 12/13 November (sky 1) 2016 Saturday/Sunday 10/11 December 2016 Saturday/Sunday 7/8 January 2017 Saturday/Sunday 25/26 February 2017 Saturday/Sunday 25/26 March 2017 Saturday/Sunday 29/30 April 2017 Saturday/Sunday 20/21 May 2017 Saturday/Sunday 24/25 June 2017 SCHOOLS DATES


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