Contact and Ascension

Contact and Ascension combine for revolutionary evolution where timelines merge and our quests as individuals and humanity can be resolved and unleashed further. Here we are gifted the experience and education of contact. Contact that reveals highest good and highest intelligence. We must earn this right.

This is The Universal Law of Evolution. Here we must resolve outstanding contracts and wounds. Our resonance is generated and mirrored in the intelligence and dimensions that are revealed in contact. This is extremely important information as exceptional awareness is required to uniquely identify wound resolution to release life force and the necessary weave that enables true ascension and unprecedented contact. This is my ultimate purpose and reality. This brings unprecedented contact experiences and education. And proof and ET pro-humanity and earth aid.

We are living in a radical overhaul of reality where ascension or awakening as prophesied by indigenous traditions and ancient history is taking place.

We can assist ascension more intelligently with dedicated exceptional self-awareness, healing and right paths of evolution. We have greater success in choosing conscious ways when we deeply commit to questioning the nature and reality of self and world.

The foundations of genuine ascension start with truth acceptance and the willingness to go beyond what we have been led to believe is fixed.

This brings an opportunity to question and transform the superficiality of our enslaved and highly manipulated existence, false gods and desires created in The False Matrix.

This brings an opportunity to question and transform program implants that are engineered to limit value. These attachments are rigidly locked in slow evolution and fear.

This is extremely important information for resolving the repeated history of the wound of humanity. Here attachment to false values and stereotypes, lifestyles can be cleverly engineered and locked as reality patterns in DNA and successive generations. Elite power agenda controls you as a resource in maintaining The False Matrix. Elite power majority-controls reality via mass manipulation. Thoughts, emotions created in our words are frequency. Unresolved wound is metaphysically generated and impacts reality and future generations. AI is now being implemented as a powerful device
enslavement. Ascension pioneers are urging us to return to the sovereignty of love and earth.

What is Ascension?
Ascension or The Awakening is documented in Ancient Egypt. The Denderah Zodiac is a prophesy device of our times. It details a time of The Precession of The Equinox when humanity undergoes great changes to awaken truth in history to unlock future. This is an important 26,000 year evolution cycle and alignment. What is not our truth is revealed in reality. This is a time of opportunity to create in sacred truth.

THIS IS CRITICAL INFORMATION THAT ACKNOWLEDGES ANCIENT MESSAGES WITHIN THE ZODIAC FOR NOW AND THE FUTURE. The disclosure on this was marginalised during 2012 ASCENSION HYPE! We have a huge ASCENSION COVER-UP IN EGYPT.The evidence is overwhelmingly ignored.

The Denderah Zodiac- blown out of The Temple of Hathor, Egypt, with dynamite and stolen by the French in 1821, now in The Louvre, Paris. the most important and accurate ancient prophesy device in our ascension research. This WOW device details the Precession of The Equinox and the current global events we are now experiencing during this highly intense ascension coverup phase.

The ascension corridors can be fragile held by universal corridors that must be carefully initiated and navigated. This is hi-intelligence a secret sacred shamanism, written in the legends of time-travellers that reveals star ancestor inter-dimensional technologies. This blows wide open what we currently understand about consciousness and ascension as we make our way to unprecedented consciousness, intelligence and the ascension reality of our star ancestors travelling before us in time. Where are they guiding us to now? Can we hear and listen to the unprecedented education above the elite prescribed hum of manipulated False Reality, bogus contracts and hijacked timelines. These are all questions we must ask and answer. I am an ascension pioneer.

“As the total pattern came into focus, I recognized that axis E signals this moment of epochal transition in a vivid intentional way. Whoever designed Dendera was looking ahead in time to our age, when the spring equinox occurs under the tail of the western fish, because this is the time that the entire cycle culminates. With the spring equinox just at that position in Pisces, the axial cross locks into unique alignment with the Galaxy”.

This ascension opportunity brings timeline choices where a greater spectrum of multi-dimensional reality can be accessed. It is important to note here in overhauling 3D, 4D a revolutionary program detox opens the gateways of and to greater intelligence and ET CONTACT. This is 5D and beyond. Here outperforming The False Matrix, False Timelines, Elite Power Agenda, Negative ET Agenda is yours. Here we move into important reality changing contracts of sacred love, sacred destiny- the practical reality overhaul humanity has been waiting for. Here we awaken meta-genuine physical gifts essential for creating a world beyond The False Matrix and all connected agendas.

A leading pioneer of ascension, consciousness, contact and training for those who care about earth and humanity. She works a global premier power-site and conference speaker circuit. Sufi initiate, EMOTO recognized & PSI JAPAN honorary member.


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