Tracey Ash has over two decades of premier industry experience delivering training in U.K., USA, EGYPT, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA. Recognised as a leading light in what comes next for those who deeply care about earth and humanity.

1999-2018. Emoto Foundation endorsed + PSI Science Institute Japan Honorary Member

New timelines + unprecedented EVOLUTION + META-PHYSICS

SACRED Destiny + Contribution

Premier Power-sites + Humanity Healing. 5D + Contact


I am Sufi acknowledged + initiated, daughter of an Egyptian village Imam. Mystical Islam is both indigenous sacred shamanism + elite intellectualism. The legend of Blavatsky speaks of her journeys + training in Egypt. She pioneered the human potential movement in the nineteenth century. Mysticism is pivotal beyond what we are manipulated to believe. Our entry into sacred existence ensures our survival + future.

I incarnate on time-loops, in exceptional memories of ancient wisdom secrets. These secrets have been deleted deliberately from our conventional human history. I share these secrets. 

I recall incarnations during the time of Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, Tutankhamen. As Priest over these King’s I am wisdom-Keeper. These secrets can transform our existence as sacred, redefining humanity in sacred peace + destiny. Peace is the primary reality for sacred, meta-physical + mystical initiation. This is the reality + training of  5D.

Only genuine sacred practices deepen our sacred connection by genuine wisdom keepers. Here we can not be elite power controlled nor distractions attached. Here we have vast personal  freedom to acknowledge contracts of sacred destiny. To know we will always, always survive all we experience. We are sacred. 

My work at premier power sites- time-loops direct not only repeat opportunities for sacred existence but exceptional, untampered knowledge. I know how to work at power-sites that I recall in photographic detail without prior visits . How to show you your unique way to genuine sacred existence beyond toxic attachments to pain, fear and suffering. I am the wound weaver and dream weaver. I acknowledge your stories, your time-loops and travel with you to free and transform you.  I aid you in YOUR SACRED DESTINY. 

I believe we have an exceptional and unprecedented opportunity to heal humanity and earth. Despite elite power deception upon personal power and indeed humanity’s- in experiencing genuine wisdom keepers you are shown the way. 

I live between Egypt, Japan + UK. I am this journey. I live to give. My most precious moments are spent in the sacred silence of mountains, deserts, ancient monuments + tombs. I speak + teach at premier conferences, tours + training events worldwide. I am dedicated to genuine education, information and disclosure on disinformation that hijacks evolution, truths on existence + ET contact.  I have had meta-physical, para-normal + NDE experiences since birth. I am horary member of PSI Science Institute JAPAN + EMOTO recognised. Author. Director of 5D TRAINING, MYSTERY SCHOOL EGYPT, MYSTERY SCHOOL ONLINE, EGYPT TOURS + 4 JAPAN TRAINING SCHOOLS. 

This TRAINING overhauls our spiritual practices, previous inner training or any field of endeavour.

Your agenda may be truly challenging personal transformation goals or creating immense contribution.

Your aim may be discovering best self to awaken incredible destiny at every dimension of life.

Your goal may be premier training to outstanding individual or professional healer.

The purpose is to be outstanding in our consciousness, spirituality, vision and values to honour life + earth. This training + practice takes us beyond low frequency that disconnects + devalues us as small.

Hitting the 5D switch. This overhauls our human potential and ignites genius human potential. Here we save the future.

Author of LIFE VISION (Obooks), Celestial Healing (FINDHORN Press & Natural Spirit Japan), LIFE VISION (Voice Publishing). Honorary member of PSI Japan. Regular guest on IN THE SPIRIT RADIO (USA). Premiere conference keynote speaker. Speaker at Conscious Life Expo, London Wellbeing Festival, Cosmic Consciousness Festival (AUS), Close Encounters Conference (AUS), Iyashi Fair (JAPAN), The Global Pyramid Conference (USA).




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