Creator + Innovator since 1999. Revolutionary approaches that deliver cutting-edge consciousness, reality+ evolutionary change. Emoto Foundation endorsed + PSI Science Institute Japan Honorary Member.

PAST, NOW, FUTURE. New times lines + unprecedented reality. Destiny + Service. Power-sites + Humanity Healing. 5D + Contact. Consciousness + Reality DETOX.

Tracey Ash believes unprecedented evolutionary clues and solutions are rooted in our ancient origins to return to love, sacred destiny and humanity. Since 1999 she has helped thousands empower, transform and awaken in destiny, future and the soul flame contracts that fly us high as phoenix. Tracey Ash has over two decades of premier industry experience delivering training in U.K., USA, EGYPT, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA. Recognised as a leading light in what comes next for those who deeply care about earth and humanity.

Ancient Egypt researcher, power-site explorer + premier global conference speaker. Her Reality Revolution Project is held at a network of premier sites- THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA, ULURU, TOKYO, STONEHENGE & MT FUJI to aid rEVOLTIONARY change via events, tours and online

Transforming consciousness, human potential and health to heal to go further.

This work upgrades + overhauls our spiritual practices, previous inner training or any field of endeavour.

Your agenda may be truly challenging personal transformation goals or creating immense contribution.

Your aim may be discovering best self to awaken incredible destiny at every dimension of life.

Your goal may be premier training to outstanding individual or professional healer.

The purpose is to be outstanding in our consciousness, spirituality, vision and values to honour life + earth. This practice + training takes us beyond low frequency that disconnects + devalues us as small.

Hitting the 5D switch. This overhauls our human potential and ignites quantum human potential. Here we save the future.

Transformation redefines who you are. The Ancient Egyptians spoke of + practiced ZEP TEPI, BEFORE TIME: thousands of years before the First Dynasty. We can use this knowledge for evolution today.

Author of LIFE VISION (Obooks), Celestial Healing (FINDHORN Press & Natural Spirit Japan), LIFE VISION (Voice Publishing). Honorary member of PSI Japan. Regular guest on IN THE SPIRIT RADIO (USA). Premiere conference keynote speaker. Speaker at Conscious Life Expo, London Wellbeing Festival, Cosmic Consciousness Festival (AUS), Close Encounters Conference (AUS), Iyashi Fair (JAPAN), The Global Pyramid Conference (USA).




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