This book has a high frequency GATEWAY of its own beyond the words written in it…I knew when I was deep writing it, I was flying! Now that it’s just beginning to be read ‘tingling’ before reading is usually commented. This is exactly what I was hoping. I want people to read it, feel it, live it!

I believe in the magic of dedicated spirituality practices. I believe in simple effective awareness and transformation ‘HOW TO’ that takes us into the MAGNIFICENCE to step up into the personal and planetary positive change so critical during these evolutionary times. I researched all my life to discover the best journeys for effective spirituality, transformation and awareness that unlocks the very key to living and contributing magnificently in life. I have researched the science of consciousness and the simplest ‘HOW TO’ technologies that take us into believing, living and manifesting miracles in our lives and worlds- where it matters most! I have uncovered the dream of living high frequency and technologies to reconfigure our energy systems to ignite and maintain incredible potential and health possibilities.

Life is extraordinary if we can embody high frequency to see and experience magic and miracles. This magic ignites our life force. Our life force manifests more magic in life. I believe we can all contribute during these evolutionary times. Only if we believe in magic do we live it, manifest it, contribute to exciting solutions in the world we live every day!

Every life experience is a golden seed of wisdom that loves and brings value to our very existence. Since 1999, my world has been extraordinary, exploring new, creative solutions to changing our stories to manifest a positive, purposeful, loving world. It excites me to be be part of a new wave of non-duality spirituality pioneers of positive change. Meditation is no longer the soft option but the key in exceptional human potential and endeavour to

heal our planet and humanity. In the book I inspire you to become part of this new wave of pioneers where sovereignty is magnificence and key to deconstructing outdated systems and structure. We are truly the change!

During more than two decades I researched and created awareness, transformation and manifestation programmes central to magnificence and excellence. I questioned, studied and deconstructed some the best and least effective approaches in the human potential and spirituality arena. I figured the times we live are critical and we do not have the time to waste in ineffective approaches and misinformation that tie us into low frequency, duality, repeat pain cycle and pain agendas. I searched passionately for the KEY to unlock more time, more life force, more purpose, more contribution- these concepts we know but do we truly embody and live? I worked with thousands of individuals unlocking and refining essential ‘HOW TO’ and research papers (some in this book) to deliver the science on magnificent human potential technologies. To truly succeed in helping individuals, I worked tirelessly to discover the best meditation and transformation technologies to unlock life and purpose magnificently in every individual who wished for positive change.

I could see the pitfalls of workshop bliss into the same low frequency repeat pain cycles that can disconnect us from truly living. Or the workshop highs, awareness and intention that nose dive in everyday life when we need energy and awareness maintenance most. Ultimately, not really helping the individual and communities we live in. This can create a conflicted spirituality, wall-paper that ultimately needs to be peeled off to free life force so we can truly love and live! This was the fascinating arena I decided to tackle! How to hit the heart of changing the frequency of limiting stories, to finally be free, magnificent and a hero of positive change.

My life is about finding magic. I love magnificence, energy, ultimate and new transformation and manifestation journeys. What is possible is BOUNDLESS and this is truly exciting! I share with you peace, freedom, genius and divinity keys in THE SOURCE CODES that manifest your greatest story amongst all possible stories. I LOVE INSPIRING YOU LIVING! I am passionate about the embodiment of new high frequency templates that serve humanity and planet. More than ever before, our energy-fields require re-collaboration to awaken our life force so that we can shine again. This is ultimate health. This is found in THE SOURCE CODES. I discovered these high frequency templates that ignite a bigger-picture individual and humanity- new love, new hero, new awareness and new healing beyond low frequency, hard-hitting slow-evolving. My story is written in this book.

During the Arab Spring of 2011, I discovered The Source Codes on my journeys in Egypt. My group and I, travelled into Egypt as everyone hurriedly left. I knew this journey was important, one of peace, healing and mission beyond self. We could change our stories and we could be the positive change at this important turning point for humanity and earth. I journeyed through the stories of Ancient Egypt into the Creation Myth that has defined our global mythologies. I am a time traveller and time travel allows me to see into the nature, history and destiny of our existence. It is positive and good- moving towards ONE.

Here is an excerpt from my book that changed my life and world. I now travel the world changing the lives of incredible individuals who dream of a very different world of positive change. Here solutions bring freedom, joy and love to create a world of magnificent possibilities for our future generations. I love my mission, I love my world.

‘At noon on 21 March 2011 as the four day Return to Light Tour came to a close,the group experienced the unprecedented super-power of the ancient Egyptian neteru, the power of Source Codes, as in ancient times.The power of The Source codes re-wired back into consciousness. A continuous explosion of timeless ancient wisdom in thousands of multi-orbs activity of white, blue, green, perfect energy spheres, orbs with tails that culminated in a deep, rich, thick blanket of visible, opaque, white light, on the floor of the temple. These are the transformation experiences we dream of. And we filmed it. ‘

About Tracey

Part of a new wave of non-duality pioneers of high frequency transformation, awareness and meditation technologies. A NEW FRONTIER TEACHER- she uniquely offers outstanding ‘HOW TO’ on tackling conspiracy, toxic structures and manifesting magnificent new stories. Researcher of consciousness, ancient wisdom keeper and power site explorer, working to inspire the next generation of positive change influencers to ignite incredible solutions for the next phase of planetary evolution as old structures crumble even in our human potential arena. Her focus is truth, magnificence, awareness, individual sovereignty and contribution. She loves easy dismantling of outdated to unlock your amazing world. She is offering new frontiers of empowering spirituality for real world action and miracles every day.

Tracey is author of Findhorn Press (UK), OBooks (UK) and Natural Spirit (JAPAN). Her impressive portfolio of clients throughout the world, ranges from international businesses and thought-leaders, royal and Imperial household members, leading scientists, award winning artists, actors and musicians, celebrities, sports personalities and outstanding individuals who live extraordinary lives. Tracey values and empowers each individual life, enriching the lives and relationships we cherish in life. She is a catalyst for evolution, awareness and high frequency purpose. She believes every individual can make a small BIG difference.

She hosts cutting-edge meditation, awareness & transformation training for Mastery. She presents at leading expos. Schools and Retreats are hosted in UK, Europe, Egypt and Japan. The three biggest organizations in Japan host Celestial Healing, Awareness School Japan, Life Vision School Japan and School of Divine Alchemy. She regularly works at spectacular earth power sites- the monuments and pyramids of Egypt, Mt Fuji, Okinawa’s submerged pyramids, Mt Kurama, Kyoto (birthplace of Reiki), Tokyo, Glastonbury, UK, Italy and Greece power sites. Earth power sites lock the planetary healing and ancient wisdom grids of ancient monuments and pyramids to ignite outstanding awakening, transformation and contribution at all levels of life. She is an honorary member of PSI JAPAN and author of two research papers. Tracey has featured in national press, TV, and radio.

Read more in Tracey’s book: Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing